Step into the world of LanguageCert ESOL Training Centre! Are you eager to enhance your English proficiency and attain an internationally recognized certification? Whether your goals involve studying, working, or traveling abroad with confidence, you’ve landed at the perfect destination!

eranKEY IT Services is dedicated to providing top-notch courses that prepare you for the LanguageCert ESOL exams. Aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), the globally recognized standard for language proficiency, these exams cater to non-native English speakers who seek evidence of their language skills for academic, professional, or personal pursuits.

The LanguageCert ESOL exams comprise two distinct components: Written (Listening, Reading, Writing) and Spoken (Speaking). You have the flexibility to take them independently, at your convenience and preferred location. Offering six levels, from A1 (Preliminary) to C2 (Mastery), the exams comprehensively cover all the essential skills and competencies needed for effective communication in English.

As you enroll in our courses, you’ll enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Experienced and qualified instructors who will expertly guide you through the exam format, content, and effective strategies.
  2. Engaging and interactive lessons designed to foster development in listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.
  3. Personalized feedback and support to identify your strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. Access to a diverse range of practice materials and mock tests, enabling you to familiarize yourself with exam tasks and expectations.
  5. Flexible and affordable pricing options tailored to suit your budget and schedule.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, we have the ideal course for you. Reach out to us today to discover more about our courses and how to register for the LanguageCert ESOL exams. We eagerly await your contact!